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Wheeled vehicles restricted on Lassen National Forest during winter

US Forest Service logoSUSANVILLE, Calif., December 13, 2016 – In anticipation of a wet winter, snowmobile and ski routes in Lassen National Forest will be off-limits to wheeled vehicles from December 26, 2016 through March 31, 2017.

These restrictions are designed to ensure visitor safety and to protect natural resources. Precipitation can soften the ground and roadbeds, increasing the chance of wheeled vehicles getting stuck and causing resource damage. The ruts left by wheeled vehicles in the snow can also create hazardous conditions for snowmobilers and skiers.

Particularly on groomed snowmobile trails, the surface can resemble a road and appear passable. However, if the ground thaws slightly or if a vehicle travels off the groomed section, that vehicle can become stuck.

“We want to ensure the public’s safety and enjoyment of winter activities on the Forest,” said Lassen National Forest Supervisor Dave Hays.

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David Phelps 1978 Jeep CJ5

Lois calls it “The Money Pit”!

Fairly Stock AMC 304 V8 (very Torquey), Headers, Unified Ignition AMC Street/Strip D.U.I. Distributor, mated to a SM420 (7.1 1st Gear) thru a Advance Adapter Bell Housing then to a Dana 20, Twin Stick, Tera-Flex Low Gear. Then a Tom Woods Customer Double CV Rear Drive Shaft. A 2″ Custom High Angle Driveshaft up front.


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Molina Ghost Run 2016 safety check

Vehicle Requirements

  • Safety is a top club priority. Vehicles must be in good working condition and meet club minimum vehicle requirements for each run. Vehicles with known mechanical or safety problems are discouraged from attending runs and may result in a Club Officer or run Trail Boss not allowing a vehicle to be part of the club run occurring.
  • Have current vehicle registration and be street legal or current “Green Sticker” for strictly off-road vehicles.
  • Maintain current valid vehicle insurance.
  • Have front and rear recovery points.
  • Have a jack capable of lifting the vehicle.
  • Have a full size spare tire (within two sizes). No “temporary” or “donut” spares allowed.
  • Tires 37″ or larger and carrying no spare may get an exemption from a Club Officer or run Trail Boss if carrying an approved tire plug kit. If your bolt pattern is not common it is highly recommended that a wheel adapter to a common bolt pattern be carried.
  • Have properly functioning seat belts or restraints for all occupants of the vehicle.
  • Have a fire extinguisher on board.
  • Have an approved recovery strap (Regular rope, chains, or tow straps with steel hooks are not considered an acceptable alternative to an appropriate recovery strap).
  • Tires that are uniform in size and have legal tread. Tires should be of the proper type for the run being attended.

Additional Vehicle Recommendations (but not required):

  • First Aid Kit (encouraged)
  • Hi-Lift type jack
  • Winch
  • Air system capable of inflating a tire to street pressure.
  • Tool set
  • CB Radio (strongly encouraged)


Trail Rating System

To make it easier for you to determine if a run will be suitable for your vehicle and/or family, below you will find our general trail rating system. If a trail is new to us, we will indicate so on the run announcement, and include whatever information we have about it. Naturally, weather conditions and other forces can change the difficulty level of a trail from day to day. If you still have questions about a particular trail please post your question on the Club Forum (do you want one??) and we will be glad to answer.



A logging-type trail or easy off road trail. 4wd required with occasional low range possible. Body damage is very unlikely. Some trails that fall into this category are Gold Lake, Long Canyon, and Barney Riley.


Low range, lockers, and 35″ tires required. Body damage is highly possible, drive train damage possible. Four-wheeling experience needed. Trails in this category include Rubicon, Barrett Lake, and Fordyce.


Four-wheel drive and low range required. Body damage unlikely but possible. Some wheeling experience helpful. Some trails in this category are Strawberry, Hell Hole, Deer Valley, and Slick Rock Trail.

Very Difficult

Highly modified vehicle required with 35″+ tires, lockers, strong axles and body protection. Body and drive train damage almost guaranteed. Experienced drivers only. Trails and obstacles in this category include Hammers, Soup Bowl, and Little Sluice.


Below are some helpful tips for every trail run.

Tips on “Leading a Club Run”:

  • Post the run in advance in the Trail Runs / Events forum:
    • Set the expectation based on the club Trail Rating System.
    • Designate a meeting location, meeting time, and departure time.
    • For club related runs remind drivers to sign a Club Wavier Form.
    • Include any additional vehicle requirements beyond the club minimum vehicle requirements.
    • Minimum driver age is 18.
    • Check the weather.
  • Before departing on the run have a drivers meeting:
    • Give an overview of the run including location and objective. (Trail Run vs Maintenance Run)
    • For club related runs ensure drivers have signed a Club Waiver Form.
    • For USFS related runs ensure everyone has signed the sign-in sheet.
    • Verify that all vehicles meet the requirements for the run. If available, a Club Officer can assist.
    • Designate a lead vehicle and tail vehicle.
    • Choose a CB channel. Vehicles without a CB should remain between other vehicles with a CB.
    • Remind drivers to keep the vehicle behind them within sight.
    • Remind drivers not to tailgate or speed.
    • Remind drivers to turn on headlights if weather is poor.
    • Remind drivers that they are responsible for their own safety and to choose a spotter they are comfortable with if they need a spot in a section of the trail they are not comfortable with.
    • Remind everyone to have plenty of water (important for runs at high elevation).
    • Remind everyone to have fun!

Trail Etiquette and Safety Tips:

  • Be courteous and considerate of others on the trail.
  • Know your vehicle and be sure your vehicle is in good mechanical condition.
  • Know your own limits as well as the limits of your vehicle.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected and carry the minimum items needed for the terrain you are traveling.
  • Keep the driver behind you in sight, and do not tailgate the driver in front of you.
  • Maintain communications with others in your group while on the trail.
  • Be aware of the weather forecast, especially ice and snow conditions.
  • Always yield to uphill traffic, and stay to the right when passing.
  • Ride only where permitted and never venture out alone.
  • Do NOT modify a trail in any way that would change its difficulty level or change its path.
  • Leave gates as you find them.
  • Full tank of full is recommended as is spare gas.
  • Carry out what you carry in.
  • Keep hands and arms inside the vehicle. You are not strong enough to support the vehicle’s weight.
  • Keep thumbs on the outside of the steering wheel to prevent a broken thumb.
  • Tread Lightly!

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