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Good Morning Kristi Smith.

Welcome to the Pair-O-Dice 4 Wheelers Facebook Group Page.

Are you interested in joining the Club or just viewing what we do, the rides we go on and the photos of the ride?

You have been approved for our Facebook Group but you are not a Member of the Pair-O-Dice 4Wheelers Club. You are just following along on out Clubs Activities and discussion only?

If you want to become a Member of the Pair-O-Dice 4Wheelers Club, please attend one of our Monthly Meeting to get the details and they are on the Second Tuesday of every month at Mountain Mike’s on Clark Road in Paradise.. The Meeting starts at 7:00 PM. (These are on hold till the Covid-19 is over). We might start having “Zoom Meeting” or a Google Meeting (Check the Event Calendar),

Also we welcome ALL Wheelers on our runs. We just ask that L\look at the “Files Section” and read the files labeled “Vehicle Requirements) and the Fill-able Wavier & Release of Liability Form. Please download and fill out the Wavier Form and present to the Run Leader.

Please check out our New Web Page at [https://PairODice4Wheelers.com.](https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fpairodice4wheelers.com%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0_3c0bPZe2tBLBfNWQ4-sGMqD9oSWEt2I6rXfdjoMrNoruhF-bycdUs6Y&h=AT0eCvMu6GIBnsKJZu2Fn7HnJMD_zHLZC9FSqF3wNetJbYnuaCCYV9D5nui4h7joQsJv_5lNIlDWRchM7G3ooXHQ7b1JTwvxa4rmgNYLmG4-fZcS7u8yzNqRpHXryhkX0PKL&__tn__=-UK-R&c[0]=AT1XPFNFEdhf1z1ECKD_Xc3EXDzel-QCj6gViVOlz00u6ZjAkh9cx3jzu29cOdCQ5FKBsBtfjSszr0QAcLrEzUXJZdA4D5XY7lEWwszEsx1N25AH-rm6AvyBKG5FOP1i8RVqP8BxMvHzbW3Q5LVc70Cg1m3qS4geSo-wfhQ6N948D0WknGP-eqrhcSQAknyrmW93_-b3QaA6KYatjA). If you have any questions about Membership Requirements, please e-mail clubinfor@pairodice4wheelers.com.

[David Phelps](https://www.facebook.com/78CJ5?fref=gs&__tn__=-UK-R&eid=ARCflfrYQNc5XzW63DgL2ntEqCC5MkNWJTEt0nmDJkGPbKT5Og7UNMbstLdMu4LG8EmLnlfE2oFxActA&dti=229657243768967&hc_location=group&__cft__[0]=AZWKAi6STIh1RJLyj34eZTReiAqv3Y6aHOt7mMY-S3yBmAIzZZrCn2rSufozBW4oWZJ_Bk7DHIEO0tYedyk7Ii_gFUSkfOrV1BP86hH4buNVxcpE3hFNOcxdnIKUk1Mle894VGMUdoih3PxkjQwbAI2YtfLyjEx0d0QgV34nzk_jYtam8LWVzl0ekZa8cHruTIw)

Pair-O-Dice 4Wheelers Club.
(530) 413-5087
View on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/229657243768967/permalink/3401475563253770/

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month
Mountain Mike's Pizza
6626 K Clark Road
Paradise, CA 95969

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