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2019 Club X-Mas Tree Ride

Howdy ALL

We are doing our Annual X-Mass Tree Ride.

This picture is were we go normally and setup a Camp Fire and we go from there. This is one of the Major intersection and I like to stay there and meet and greet all. This is at 6,160 Feet.

If you want to get a Xmas Tree make sure you get you permit way before. Once they come out with the Schedule of when and where we will post it here.

It is just Fun Day. All are welcome (even Kids). You can sit around, go wheeling, get tree or whatever.

We normally meet at Chucks in Magalia and go from there. we will be going to N40° 05.693′ W121° 23.702′

November 2018 Club Run

Everybody is welcome to Join.

The Run Leader is David Phelps

Weather Permitting!

Just going to take a ride up to Spring Valley Lake (going the back way up Browns Ravine Road). Then maybe to the Top of Morris Lake (not going down to it) or maybe out to Long/Campbell. I’ll take a poll and see who wants to go where. If yo have any opinions, you can speak up now too,

July 2018 Club Run

it was decided to do a long day trip, July 21st, 3rd Sat, to the La Porte area. Gary M will lead this run, and is expected to take us to Pilot Hill (on old fire lookout), then traverse southerly to Poker Flat, and back to La Porte via Howland Flat/St Louis area. Bring a camera, & maybe even binoculars, something to eat, & plenty of liquids. It was warm yesterday.

We will leave Thomas ACE Hardware, intersection of Clark & Pearson in Paradise by 6:15AM. This is NOT a ‘normal’ club 3rd Sat run as Gary & I did most of it yesterday with a total mileage from Clark & Skyway in Paradise being 175 mi on my ’97 4 Runner odometer, & we did NOT do all of the planned trip. There is gas in Clipper Mills ($3.70) and La Porte ($4.25) respectively.

I’ll be in contact with Gary for those ‘out of town’ folks as to where to meet along the way, Oroville or maybe Brownsville/Clipper Mills.

March 24th Adventure

Sami Dave and Darrell went on a  Ride Saturday to try for Spring Valley lake and as far beyond as might be possible (but we know that’s been pretty limited as of late) He’s got new lights he wants to try out, wants to go as far as possible and in NO HURRY for getting back in a hurry! If conditions permit… we might roughly plan to return around 9ish give or take an hour if anybody else would like to join us. Probably leave from Chuck’s Place Fastrip in Magalia by 9am at latest.

Last time they did this, we all got uncomfortably low on fuel as the WEIRD snow is cutting MPG into about HALF what we normally do on a dry trail….. so CARRY SPARE FUEL as you see fit!

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Club Run March 17th 2018

We had 7 Rigs on the Run and the Goal as to at least get to Philbrook which we need make. We had a New Club Member who is just learning how to drive in deep snow. He got stuck a few times which caused us not to get into Philbrook till Noontime (and we left Magalia at 8:30). We have all gone thru that and he learned “A Lot” and on the return trip he didn’t get stuck at all!

Here is the Google Photo Link to all the Pictures and Videos.


The Snow was awesome and we had a great time.

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