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David Phelps' 1978 Jeep CJ5

| David Phelps | Member Rigs

Lois calls it “The Money Pit”!

Fairly Stock AMC 304 V8 (very Torquey), Headers, Unified Ignition AMC Street/Strip D.U.I. Distributor, mated to a SM420 (7.1 1st Gear) thru a Advance Adapter Bell Housing then to a Dana 20, Twin Stick, Tera-Flex Low Gear. Then a Tom Woods Customer Double CV Rear Drive Shaft. A 2″ Custom High Angle Driveshaft up front.

David Phelps 1
David Phelps 2
David Phelps 3
David Phelps 4

The Rear Differential is a AMC 20 with Chrome Molly Axles, The Front is the Dana 20 with Chrome Molly Axles, converted to High Steer. Both are running G2 Ring/Pinions at 4:56 and Auburn Gear ECTED Max-Locker Differentials in both.

It has a 4 1/2″ Lift Kit and I’m running Goodyear’s MT/R w/Kevlar at 35×12.50×15’s on M/T 15×10 Rims. It has customer front and rear bumpers with a tire carrier in back that also hold (4) Rotopax 3 Gallon Containers. The front has a 12,000 Lb winch and lot’s of lights. It has custom rock sliders/steps for a old guy like me. CJ5’s aren’t known to have the best heaters/defrosters, so I leave the stock one as the defroster only and I have a Mojave add on heater between the seats and they keep me warm on those Winter Rides.