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David P’s Test Ride for the Pit (some went beyond)!

| David Phelps | Run Reports

I needed to test the Repair on my T-Case so I scheduled a Test Ride and it was planned as a short day. Well we made it to the Lott’s T before lunch. The weather was so beautiful (the Snow was questionable) so 3 out of the 5 Rigs decided to go to the Stair Case and then decided to go further.


It was an experience for them. We left Magalia at 8:30 and they didn’t get back till 4:30 AM Sunday!

Click this Link to go to Our Google Photos.–l9LFxIV9_VQagg?key=X1J6SWpEYWVONDdhNlBVcUhRTktYY0FjMXR1OWdB

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