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Everyone said they had a great day. A bit of rain at All the Best Video to start. 6 rigs, 2 passengers, one rig with passenger is not a member YET. He has indicated to me he may like to join the club. They drove up from Oroville, CA to run with us.. Doug P. met him through the ham radio. As you can see Doug is driving the Dak (Dakota) again. great rig. Perrywinkle, the Jeep has an electric fan problem. The mounts tore 2 holes in the radiator. New rd. is here just to lazy to replace it. The fan mounts concern me.

Anyway, we traveled northerly on Skyway (county) to Humbug Summit Rd. turned right, aired down and had a super day. We continued on Humbug Summit to the Forest Service (FS) 26N75, another right to Summit Lake. Doug even had a jacket on there as not only was it snowing a bit, the blasted wind was blowing rather cold. Then we went back to Humbug Summit, a right turn to the FS 26N27 (aka Scotts John or Jonesville Rd). A left took us to Humbolt Rd (county) to the left a ways & a right on what we hope was FS 27N06 towards Colby Mt. Lookout. As we neared Colby some of us started having ‘stuck’ troubles so it was decided to turn around. Shame on us. Fred made it the closest to Colby, but had problems with snow also.

We returned to Humbolt Rd, a right took us to Butte Meadows. Some had a late lunch at The Outpost (free advertisement), then we came home.

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