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Club ride December 15th 2018

| David Phelps | Run Reports

We went for a short ride up Browns Ravine Road to the backside of Philbrook and back down. I was surprised how much snow was still there from the last storm. It was good snow and my Lockers worked great. I went most of the day with just the rear locked and High 2WD.

On the way up the Skyway, we came across a young man walking down the Skyway. As always we stopped and checked on him and found out that he was walking down to try to get a Cell Signal as he was out of gas. So I need what we all would have done and that was to donate 2 1/2 gallons of gas to get him back down to Magalia.

David Phelps

Vice President

Here is a Link to some of my pictures and videos. Check back as I’m be adding more.!AjWzjND7GrbigP8lsqqP5Lcnp-zXwQ

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