Below are some helpful tips for every trail run.

Tips on “Leading a Club Run”:

  • Post the run in advance in the Trail Runs / Events forum:
    • Set the expectation based on the club Trail Rating System.
    • Designate a meeting location, meeting time, and departure time.
    • For club related runs remind drivers to sign a Club Wavier Form.
    • Include any additional vehicle requirements beyond the club minimum vehicle requirements.
    • Minimum driver age is 18.
    • Check the weather.
  • Before departing on the run have a drivers meeting:
    • Give an overview of the run including location and objective. (Trail Run vs Maintenance Run)
    • For club related runs ensure drivers have signed a Club Waiver Form.
    • For USFS related runs ensure everyone has signed the sign-in sheet.
    • Verify that all vehicles meet the requirements for the run. If available, a Club Officer can assist.
    • Designate a lead vehicle and tail vehicle.
    • Choose a CB channel. Vehicles without a CB should remain between other vehicles with a CB.
    • Remind drivers to keep the vehicle behind them within sight.
    • Remind drivers not to tailgate or speed.
    • Remind drivers to turn on headlights if weather is poor.
    • Remind drivers that they are responsible for their own safety and to choose a spotter they are comfortable with if they need a spot in a section of the trail they are not comfortable with.
    • Remind everyone to have plenty of water (important for runs at high elevation).
    • Remind everyone to have fun!

Trail Etiquette and Safety Tips:

  • Be courteous and considerate of others on the trail.
  • Know your vehicle and be sure your vehicle is in good mechanical condition.
  • Know your own limits as well as the limits of your vehicle.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected and carry the minimum items needed for the terrain you are traveling.
  • Keep the driver behind you in sight, and do not tailgate the driver in front of you.
  • Maintain communications with others in your group while on the trail.
  • Be aware of the weather forecast, especially ice and snow conditions.
  • Always yield to uphill traffic, and stay to the right when passing.
  • Ride only where permitted and never venture out alone.
  • Do NOT modify a trail in any way that would change its difficulty level or change its path.
  • Leave gates as you find them.
  • Full tank of full is recommended as is spare gas.
  • Carry out what you carry in.
  • Keep hands and arms inside the vehicle. You are not strong enough to support the vehicle’s weight.
  • Keep thumbs on the outside of the steering wheel to prevent a broken thumb.
  • Tread Lightly!

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